Satellite TV offers the best in premium sports entertainment

Since the invention of television, watching sports on TV has been a popular pastime. All sports, starting with football and baseball, eventually made it onto the “tube” format. They are mass-marketed daily to millions of people. It is possible to watch a hockey or basketball game almost every day.

It is possible to view old games as far back as thirty years ago with satellite TV and cable TV channels such ESPN What sports classic. In case you were unable to attend Super Bowl XXXII, the Denver Broncos’ underdog victory against the Green Bay Packers 1998 in 1998 are available for replay.

It is almost as though television has been completely geared towards football. A true football fan will have season tickets and a subscription to NFL Sunday Ticket. This allows them to watch all away games and follow the rival wins and losses. It’s a normal thing to do.

Every type of match, game or event can now be broadcast in high definition thanks to the new high definition craze. The new format allows viewers to watch the games from the comfort of their seats. They can see the pride in the pitcher’s eyes as he strikes out the batter. Or the overwhelming joy when the winning shot is made right before the buzzer goes off. Even extreme sporting events such as the X-Games have been rebroadcast on the new medium. The light reflecting off the snow can be seen by those watching Shaun White’s halfpipe run.

Television companies are rushing to launch 3D channels and programming, as the 3D craze has taken over Hollywood. According to reports, companies are already planning to launch a 3D-specific satellite in March. Channels such as Discovery and ESPN plan to launch programming in the summer, with a primary focus on South Africa’s 2010 World Cup. According to reports, the South Africa-Mexico game will be the first 3D broadcast.

The new 3D phenomenon will take television sports viewing to a whole new level. HD brought viewers closer to the action. 3D will make it seem like the viewer is there. A blizzard could cause snow to fly out of the screen during a ski race. This can blind the viewer just like the competitor. It can seem like a basketball player is jumping into the crowd to keep the ball in play. It will be completely insane.

The actual format will require new techniques and technology to film events and games, as well as new television technology. The current trends are proving that viewers like what they see.

Who knows? All programming, athletic or otherwise, could be broadcast in 3D within the next few years. These glasses will be packaged and sold with new remotes. This is unless TV technology becomes so advanced that they are no longer needed. The public will have to wait and watch.

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